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How Can You Prevent Foodborne Illness

by Felix Jimenez
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How Can You Prevent Foodborne Illness

When handling raw food, always wash your hands first and keep the cooked from coming near any Uncooked ingredients. It is important to marinate in refrigerator before cooking so it doesn’t taste funny later when you cook again with another ingredient! Don’t put out hot on countertop or cold onto table because then bacteria will grow which can make us sick – be sure everything stays cool but not freezing (like our own personal climate). Also remember: Keep Hot foods hot; Cold leftovers chilly–unless they’re already cooling off rapidly due an outside source like freezer burn

Which Group Is Least Susceptible To Foodborne Illnesses

The likelihood of an individual getting sick from food varies depending on the person’s age, health status and seasonality. Young adults (ages 18-30) are at a great risk because they’re usually more sensitive to environmental factors while older people may have developed immunity due to having been exposed before in childhood or adulthood respectively; furthermore young children also lack some protection against bacteria through their still developing immune systems which leaves them vulnerable but luckily rare cases where this could happen occur infrequently enough not really changing anything about how we should approach our daily lives with regards:
For example if someone has recently eaten something that made him/her feel ill then there is little cause for alarm even though symptoms like vomiting – sometimes quite severe–may last anywhere between 24 hours up


Which Population Is Considered Highly Susceptible

Food-related illnesses are a major problem for many people. Young children, the elderly and pregnant women all have an increased risk of contracting foodborne illness if they don’t take care in what they consume or how it’s prepared. Even individuals with weakened immune systems who may not typically get sick from other infections can be targets as well because their bodies aren’t able fight off germs as effectively!
The highly susceptible population is made up largely by these high risks – young kids that do nothing but eat at home often times without even washing dishes after use (or know their own hygiene), grandparents living on fixed income where cooking takes place multiple times per day…the list goes

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