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Best Temp For Pour Over Coffee

by Donna Wilde
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Best Temp For Pour Over Coffee

To get the best tasting coffee, it’s important that you use hot water right from your faucet. If this isn’t possible or desirable for some reason then try using a tea kettle with an adjustable spout – just make sure there is enough room between steamer basket and top of pot so as not to overfill them when pouring onto grounds in order preventing spills!

How Hot Should Coffee Be

There are a few things that you need to know about brewing coffee. First, the water should be at room temperature with 205-205 degrees Fahrenheit (or 93 Celsius). Second, when it’s above this range then your drink will have an unpleasant burnt taste because they’re heated too much by scalding which causes bitterness in oils onEOgential parts of coffees beans . Thirdly if we go under 195°F than our drinks won’t extract properly causing UnderExtraction.

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