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Why Do Blueberries Cause Diarrhea

by Sabrina Acosta
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Why Do Blueberries Cause Diarrhea

When people eat too many sweet foods, their digestive system can suffer. This is because the bacteria in our guts breaks down some sugars into hydrogen gas which causes diarrhea – very loose stools! Fructose found naturally in fruits also causes this problem when consumed Large amounts of fructose combined with other ingredients like table sugar makes for unhealthy outcomes on your health so avoid these combinations at all costs
This passage discusses how certain types food might cause you to have messed up bowel movements due to the amount of toxins they contain

Can Dogs Eat Blueberry Muffins

Blueberries are a great antioxidant for dogs and can be eaten in moderation. In rare cases, veterinarians have linked them to canine pancreatitis or diarrhea but not usually more than once a month if you feed your pup blueberry muffins on occasion
The answer is Yes! Most pet owners find that their dog’s digestive system handles these treats just like they do humans’ food with no adverse effects from it at all


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