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Why Are Insulin Prices Going Up

by Felix Jimenez
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Why Are Insulin Prices Going Up

“The pharmaceutical pricing system is just rigged,” said U.S Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon, “and it’s rigging so that patients pay more each year.”
In fact, the prices many diabetes suffers have gone up a lot in recent years even while major competitors like India-, Indonesia-, and Thailand-based multinational companies offer insulin at significantly lower costs than what Americans face as out-of-pocket expenses when they purchase injectable medications through insurers’ prescription drug programs or retail pharmacies (Time).

Cost Of Insulin By Country

The cost of insulin varies by country, but in the United States it sits at $13.47 for a pack with 100 units and 60IU per unit dose which can provide up to 22 hours worth or coverage depending on how quickly your body absorbs this hormone after injection (source). For countries such as Chile where there is no national healthcare program available many citizens must rely solely upon themselves if they have money saved from income earned each month while others may try purchasing private insurances through work…or not!

How Much Does Insulin Cost In Canada

Canadians pay an arm and leg for their diabetes medication. In Canada, there is no coverage of the most basic supplies needed to keep people with type 1 in check like syringes or alcohol swabs which can cost up tp $50 per visit! Furthermore each time we test our glucose levels it’s expensive too– costing about$1 on average every day
In comparison: Americans Only Pay About 27 Cents Per Day For Their Insulin.

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