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Why Does Zoloft Make Me Tired

by Donna Wilde
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Why Does Zoloft Make Me Tired

Zoloft is a medication that some people take to help them fall asleep and others experience drowsiness from. You might find it easier if you take your dose in the morning, but either way we recommend consulting with a doctor before making any major changes on how/when medications are prescribed for yourself!

Why Do Ssris Take So Long To Work

SSRIs work by preventing the reabsorption serotonin back into nerve cells, but it turns out they also accumulate in patches to a cell membrane called lipid rafts. The buildup was associated with diminished levels of an important signal molecule found there!

Why Is Sertraline Making Me So Tired

Living with depression can be exhausting. You may feel like your mood is never going to improve, or if it does then you’re likely going have another episode of low energy soon after which leaves you even lower than before! This medication doesn’t just make the symptoms go away-it also takes a toll on those who suffer from mental illness by impacting their brains’ ability process chemicals in order for them function normally.”


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