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Who Developed The System Known As Anthropometry

by Felix Jimenez
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Who Developed The System Known As Anthropometry

Anthropometry, or the science of measuring bones to determine a person’s identity has been around for over 100 years. It began in 1890 when Alphonse Bertillon developed his identification system which involved taking measurements from various skeletal locations on each individual and then comparing them against charts kept by anthropologists specializing this field; he also collaborated with physicians who were interested studying human health through their study on how different parts vary among species-making him one of many fathers along these lines.

Who Is The Father Of Forensic Toxicology

Mathieu Joseph Bonaventure Orfila, often called the “Father of Toxicology” was a significant figure in medical history. He worked to make chemical analysis an everyday part for forensics and studied many different aspects including asphyxiation rates among other things that are now considered routine practice when conducting autopsies or examining bodies which were decomposing at time biers where they would also exhume them if necessary due too advanced decay.

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