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Why Does Sperm Burn Inside Of Me

by Felix Jimenez
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Why Does Sperm Burn Inside Of Me

With an allergy to sperm, it’s possible for the vagina and surrounding areas around your vaginal area can become inflamed.

Why Should You Pee After Sex

During sex, bacteria can get into your urethra. The tube that carries urine out of the body and during a normal day when you urinate only once or twice this is not an issue however if like many people who engage in sexual activity on occasion then it’s best to be aware just what happens when there are higher rates of infection because chances are those germs will stay around long after their workin’ done! It might sound dizzying but before we go any further let me assure all my readers (and potential victims) none have been infected from reading this article– unless perhaps by accident while looking over shoulder as someone else reads.

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