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Benefits Of Fenugreek Seeds For Hair

by Payton Taylor
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How To Eat Fenugreek Seeds

How do you eat fenugreek seeds? Eat it as a sprout, add them to salads or grind the powder for use in curries. You can dry and then grind up these greens into paste before adding them towards your dish’s flavor profile too!

How To Use Fenugreek For Hair Growth

Fenugreek is an ancient Indian plant that has been used for hair care since 2500 BC. It’s seeds can be ground into a powder and mixed with coconut or olive oil to create an effective paste For best results, apply it on your roots and let dry 10 minutes before shampooing off easily without any residue left behind in the morning hours when you wake up refreshed from sleep
Fur Den: Soaking wet strands of 1/4 inch long hairs will feel silky smooth after just one treatment!

How To Use Fenugreek Oil For Hair Growth

Fenugreek is a natural ingredient that has been used in the Indian spice trade for centuries. Step one involves heating up olive oil until it’s boiling, then adding fenugreek powder to create an aromatic and flavorful head massage! The next thing you want do afterwords take a cotton ball with some of this gooey mixture on it and apply towards your scalp while leaving them there thirty minutes before washing off with cold water because they say “it feels so good when we wash ourselves.”

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