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Best Chocolate In The World

by Sabrina Acosta
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Largest Chocolate Company In The World

The world’s largest chocolate company is Mars, with a 14.4% market share and famous brands such as M&M’s, Snickers or Twix among others

Most Expensive Candy In The World

When it comes to chocolate, the world has never seen candy like this. With a price tag of $1,628 per bar and an ingredients list so exclusive that only 12 samples exist in total for all 1 million people who want one – you are looking at what could be called: The most expensive chocolates money can buy!

Where Is Godiva Chocolate Made

Another reason why Belgians are known for their elegance and sophistication is because they have been living in this area since the Romans were here, back when Brussels was calledbmviAva.
In addition to having an appreciation of beauty both inside out beautiful landscapes from Rubens paintings or intricately designed lacework products there’s also pressure-free Fridays where everyone dresses up as if it’s going out on a date!

Where Is Lindt Chocolate Made

In 2018, the charitable Lindt Chocolate Competence Foundation started a visionary project in Kilchberg. In 2020 during their 175th anniversary with Swiss chocolatiers Sprüngli andLindt as partners they opened up an immersive chocolate experience that creates memories worth keeping forever: The Lindt Home OfChocolate

Which Country Eats The Most Chocolate

Switzerland is a land of chocolate lovers, with an average person consuming 8.8 kg per year!

Which International Corporations Dominate The Chocolate Trade

The Hershey Company controls nearly 44% of the U.S chocolate market, followed by Mars with a 30%.

Who Created The World’S Biggest Chocolate Company

The family-run chocolate company, The Barry Callebaut Company began with an entrepreneurial spirit in 1850. This highly successful group founded their own business venture to add on top of what they already had: dairy and brewery services for customers across Europe before founding another profitable enterprise -teaching agriculture at Zaire’s national university level from 1962 until 1991 during President Mobutu Sese Seko’s regime when it became increasingly difficult due his reign over Zainois province just like many other African countries that were formerly colonies by France such as Burundi & Cameroon where universities weren’t allowed so students could not pursue higher education degrees unless taught Tutorial status which was limited only Learning

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