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Can The Smell Of Gasoline Kill You

by Payton Taylor
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Can The Smell Of Gasoline Kill You

gasoline is a dangerous substance. exposed to the vapors for long periods of time can lead you into comas or even cause premature death
In studies on animals, scientists have found that when they were continuouslyexposed their organs over two years there was liver and kidney cancer which came from being around gas fumes constantly

Symptoms Of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Boat

CO poisoning is a dangerous condition that can lead to death, headaches and dizziness. CO inhalation may cause you distress in your chest or difficulty breathing which could result into passing out and drowning if not treated immediately by medical professionals

Which Of The Following Can Be A Source Of Carbon Monoxide On Your Boat?

Another dangerous gas you need to be aware of on your boat is carbon monoxide. It’s produced any time a fuel such as gasoline, propane or oil burns and can come from sources like engines that use these types of fuels for power generation; generators in case there’s an emergency where electricity isn’t working properly which would mean we may not have light at night-time anymore! Another source could also include cooking ranges with open flames (like fireplaces) if they are turned up too high so make sure everyone knows how hot their grill gets before putting anything else near it

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