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Where Is The Thymus Located

by Felix Jimenez
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Is The Thyroid Part Of The Lymphatic System

The thyroid lymph nodes are a deep anterior cervical (neck) node found near the thyroid gland. This is part of our endocrine system and it makes hormones that help control how we function as individuals; including thyroxine T4 hormone which your body produces from here!

What Does The Thymus Do

The thymus is an essential organ that houses T-lymphocytes, which orchestrate adaptive immune responses. It also functions as a shield for our bodies against infection by viruses and other pathogens because it produces suppressor cells called regulatory B lymphocytes (TRB).

Where Is The Thymus Gland

The thymus gland is located in the chest, between the lungs and behind breastbone (sternum). It produces white blood cells called T lymphocytes which help fight infection.

Where Is The Thymus Located

The thymus gland is a fascinating organ that plays an essential role in the immune system. Located just below your breastbone (sternum), this small but mighty structure makes white blood cells which are part of what protects you from infection!

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